First blog post

My First post is about hurt suffered in the church by the church. This type of hurt is very damaging not only to the person who was hurt but also to the Church.

Background: I met a man a few years ago who had been very hurt by the church and as a result ended up hating God. The hurt had been so deep that it effected the man deeply and he expressed his hatred of God to many he encountered. This man, lets call him “Pete” was a man of the Catholic faith. His wife had become very ill and was hospitalized. She became terminal and a call was made for the Priest to come to give last rights. Because Pete and his wife had not attended the church the Priest did not come to the hospital and Pete’s wife died. Pete became very upset and was shaken to the core.

Later when making funeral arrangements Pete discovered that the Church would not allow his wife to be buried in the Catholic cemetery because she had not received last rights and they had not been to Church or confession for some time. Pete became very angry and blamed God. Pete turned his back on God and began to hate God. He told many this story and influenced many to adapt to his belief, that God was harsh, punishing and distant.

I should tell the readers her that this occurred at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that I was attending at this time. Everyone who would listen heard this story and were effected by it. I was effected as I was starting to seek God and moving more into searching myself and the belief I had in God. I reached out to Pete trying to tell him that God was not responsible for what happened rather this Church’s leadership was. Seeking to comfort my friend I failed, the hurt was too deep.


My point is that we need to be supportive and cone along side someone who is hurt. Offer what we have, share our experience, hope and joy with another. We all can make a positive contribution to another and we can change lives by doing it.